Types of Commonly Used Carpet Cleaning Machines

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Carpet when well taken care of and properly maintained can last for years. Though vacuums significantly help in sucking out dirt from carpets such as crumbs, soil and other particles, there are instances that a carpet needs a thorough cleaning. When debris can’t be sucked out, carpet cleaning machines are a great aid. With various range of carpet cleaning machines, bringing back the beauty of any carpet has become easier. Here are types of commonly used carpet cleaning machines either for commercial or residential cleaning.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Machines

Dry carpet cleaners are commonly used on commercial companies to clean in offices, large rooms, and high-traffic carpeted lobbies. Dry carpet cleaning machines work by buffing a dry chemical agent into the carpet fiber before vacuuming. The chemical agent is meant to be sucked up with the dirt attaching into it. The machine has a high-suction level of vacuum.

Steam Carpet Cleaning Machines

Steam carpet cleaning machines or also called extractors work by injecting chemical solution into the carpet by using a powerful pump. The carpet fiber is scrubbed using a rotating brush. Then, the water with dirt and chemical solution are all sucked out of the carpet. When this method is done properly, it will leave a thoroughly cleaned carpet. Steam carpet cleaning machines utilize both hot and cold application. However, proper care should be administered or else, it could result to shrinkage and discoloration of carpet fibers. Contrary to its name, steam carpet cleaning machines do not use steam in cleaning. Oftentimes, using steam carpet cleaning machines is preferred for deep and thorough cleaning.

Bonnet Carpet Cleaning Machines

Similar to floor buffing machine, bonnet carpet cleaning machines have a cleaning pad inserted on its buffer. The buffer is dipped into the cleaning solution in a large tray and is used to buff the carpet. The user can either use wet or dry method without putting cleaning solution on the pad. However, exercise caution when using bonnet carpet cleaning machines, or risk tearing existing holes on the carpet.

If you’re planning to purchase among carpet cleaning machines available in the market, ensure to pick a durable and less likely to break down. Also, consider getting the one that has high-power suction, portable and straightforward to operate.

Since purchasing carpet cleaning machines can cost a fortune, some prefer to hire carpet cleaners who provide the equipment and utilize appropriate carpet cleaning method; or you may rent your preferred carpet cleaning machines from hardware stores.

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