Residential Cleaning Like a Pro

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Residential Cleaning Like a Pro

A clean home means a healthy environment to live. For those self-confessed neat freaks, a messy house is a big NO NO! Nonetheless, having an immaculately clean home means allotting time, effort and of course budget to attain such result. For those people with limited time to waste, hiring a professional cleaning company to do residential cleaning services is heaven sent! In this modern time, people are always on the haste to do everything in their checklist. However, it could be hard to squeeze in residential cleaning after a hard day work from the office. No wonder many are turning to professional cleaning companies to ease the pain of residential cleaning.

Just in case you need a quick residential cleaning because you are running for an errand later, here are helpful tips to make the most of your time while ensuring you got your house cleaned like professional residential cleaning services do.

Residential Cleaning Tip #1: Create a cleaning plan.
Before starting your residential cleaning, make sure to decide where to start and to finish. You can start cleaning from the farthest area down to the front door. In this way, you can maximize your time on areas that need more cleaning.

Residential Cleaning Tip #2: Kitchen clean up.
Focus on areas that most likely inhabited by dirt and germs such as kitchen and bathroom. Apparently, these are the areas the household has more contact to. Moreover, the kitchen is where you prepare and cook food that makes it more susceptible for bacteria build-up easily.

  1. Work your way around the kitchen by starting with the stove. The stove basically is the culprit that spreads dirt and grease on nearby areas. Leave drip pans and knobs soaked in warm soapy water for few minutes. Then, wipe down countertops and stoves.
  2. Make use of EPA-registered disinfectant to remove the mold and dirt from the sink.
  3. Remove stuck-on food or stains from the dishwashing machine by wiping damp sponge sprinkled with a baking soda.
  4. Disinfect the disposal by throwing a slice of lemon, salt and few ice cubes. The lemon effectively deodorizes stinky disposal, an easy way to do residential cleaning.
  5. Wipe off dirty spots on the floor.
  6. Fold or hang dish towels to keep them looking tidy.

Residential Cleaning Tip #3: Squeaky cleaned bathroom
Just like the kitchen, the bathroom can easily accumulate germs from the presence of moisture, soap scum, and natural wastes.

  1. Get rid of mold and mildew by washing them with towels.
  2. Reduce the buildup of mildew and soap scum with a quick spray of cleansing agent.
  3. Get rid of splatters on the mirrors with the towel.
  4. Wipe the toilet seat with the towel. Make sure you do it lastly.
  5. Do quick scrubs on the toilet boil with a brush.

Residential Cleaning Tip #4: Tidy up bedroom.
Make your bed by just pulling up the comforter to make it look buff.

Residential Cleaning Tip #5: Living room quick touch up.

  1. Fluff the pillow and fold the throws.
  2. Pick up scraps with a vacuum focusing on highly traffic areas.
  3. Wipe tables and cabinets.
  4. Clear clutters along your way.

If this is too much for you to bear, you might want a daily or weekly residential cleaning services to lift some loads from you.

Need a Professional Residential Cleaning Services?
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