How to Get the Best Carpet Cleaning Products

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Every investor wants to prolong if not develop every asset he or she has. Having carpet flooring whether in a residential or commercial place is an investment that entails proper care and maintenance to retain its comfort and beauty, and more so prolong its life. Though stains and soiling are inevitable incidents especially if you have pets and children roaming around like raccoons in your dwelling, using the best and appropriate carpet cleaning products can essentially keep your carpet looking exquisite all year round. While online carpet cleaning product reviews expose you to possible good quality carpet cleaning products, there are other ways to find them in the market. Read further and learn the tips on how to get the best carpet cleaning products:

  1. Refer to the carpet’s manufacturer manual; and look for its recommended carpet cleaning products. More often than not, carpet manufacturers also carry their own line of carpet cleaning products that work well together. Using these would reduce the risk of damaging the quality of your carpet floors and would assure you of the quality the manufacturer promises in the first place.
  2. The best way to spot the high-quality carpet cleaning products is to check for the Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval. Not all carpet cleaning products clean evenly well. As a matter of fact, some can even cause damage to the natural beauty of your carpet. Only carpet cleaning products as well as equipment that have CRI Seal of Approval passed extensive test methods and performance criteria, ensuring only with best quality bear its seal. Once you purchase carpet cleaning products approved by CRI, this ensures your carpet investment is protected and its warranty requirements are met. You can find these CRI certified carpet cleaning products available in your local department or grocery store.
  3. Apart from other carpet fibers, wool carpets require additional care and consideration. To avoid any complication, ensure that you use only carpet cleaning products that bear WoolSafe Approved Mark. According to WoolSafe, carpet cleaning products that passed their rigorous test are free from oxidising or reducing agents that can cause bleaching or alteration on the carpet’s colour, cleaning as well spot removal performance is of acceptable level, don’t cause faster re-soiling once used, safe from fire, and more.
  4. Better use Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved carpet cleaning products that are environmentally-safe and healthy to use. Refrain using carpet cleaning products that are full of harmful chemicals that can trigger health problems on your family.

Using carpet cleaning products is a personal choice. However, be responsible enough to choose which can serve its purpose while keeping the environment as well as your family’s health away from harm.

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