Wood Flooring Installation

Expanding the services being offered to the community, Adelaides Commercial Cleaning ventures into wood flooring installation, providing a guarantee for a durable and stylish foundation for residential as well as commercial setup in Freehold NJ and nearby areas. Not just an expert in cleaning services, but also in wood floors, our staff has gained relative knowledge, experience and license in the field of wood floor installation for over two decades in the business. Rest assured that your investment won’t be wasted as we methodologically perform the needed processes from start until the end without fail.

Competitive Rates

As our company rises into the wood floor industry, we make sure our clients won’t hesitate to seek our help by making our rates relatively competitive. We deliver excellent results, and not just empty promises. Here at Adelaides Commercial Cleaning, your wood floor project becomes an investment worth every money spent.

Guaranteed Professional Services

Avail our comprehensive wood floor installation package that commences from giving a practical estimate up to attending to the client’s post installation concerns.

-Product Orientation and Recommendation

Presented with tons of wood flooring choices out in the market nowadays, the quest to find the most suitable wood planks can be overwhelming especially for beginners. With our staff’s vast knowledge and expertise in wood floors, walking you through the process can be a breeze. Trimming down your choices by identifying your preferences, style, taste, lifestyles as well as budget can be a breather. At the end, the client has a confident choice after an informed decision making. The client knows what to expect, the advantages, disadvantages and maintenance needed for the wood floor he or she chose.

-Wood Floor Acclimation

To ensure the wood floor installation ends up successfully, the wood planks need to be properly acclimated before being disturbed or put out of the box. Once the moisture between the wood planks and the environment is in equilibrium with each other, then we can go on the next critical step. Doing this prevents moisture problem from getting into the scene in the future.

-Subfloor Preparation

Adelaides Commercial Cleaning guarantees nothing, but top notched quality output. One way of living up to the expectation is to have proper subfloor preparation to prevent any drawback reflecting in the long run on the wood quality of wood floors. An even subfloor brings about a lasting, stress-free wood floor installation.

-Excellent Installation Quality

Whether a glue down or nailing method is preferred, our wood floor technicians know the drill and conduct the procedures professionally. No shortcuts, no knock offs. You get what you signed for. Expect a well installed wood floors that will add value, beauty and warmth into your interior for many years to come.

Excellent Customer Services

-Post Installation Concerns

At the end of the project, we don’t leave our clients hanging. In case, you have queries and concerns, we welcome the matter, and deal with it professionally. Feel free to talk with our friendly customer service representative to be assisted.