Wood Floor Refinishing

Does your wood floor look aged with stuffs and dents? Perhaps you got a great bargain for a house in Freehold NJ installed with wood floors, but visible imperfections can put you off. Sprucing up one’s home need no removal of wood planks and installing new ones when you can save a lot of dime in opting for a practical method, wood flooring refinishing. This is the time that Adelaides Commercial Cleaning comes into the picture, and saves you from troubles. Doing the refinishing project yourself entails manpower, equipment and skills. Unless you have all of them, you can’t expect a superb result.
The traditional sanding and refinishing is a meticulous and labor-intensive process that even experts take several days to accomplish. As a result, a brand new looking wood floors with your preferred stain and finish can welcome your guests with pride.

Minor Repairs

Any minor damages on the old wood floors will be repaired first before the application of a new top coat or finish.

Dustless Refinishing

For minor damages caused on wood planks, you can opt for a dustless refinishing. Not only it’s less hassle for the household, but also makes the floor lasts longer for sanding off less amount off the old finish from the wood planks. There will be less significant dust particles in the air, a thumbs up for those with allergies. With Adelaides Commercial Cleaning, we can guarantee a thorough clean up after the sanding and refinishing process. Well, we can definitely score an ace on that.

Competitive Rates

Adelaides Commercial Cleaning provides a solution to your old wood floors at competitive pricing. Restoring the beauty of your wood floors shouldn’t put a hole in your pocket when there’s an affordable solution to do the trick for you.

Guaranteed Expertise

You might think you’re up to the work, but mistakes are easy to make. Can you afford to redo the process and toss away your precious time, money and resources? Unlocking the beauty behind your dingy wood floors needs sanding and refinishing skills that you can’t just master in one night. If you want a foolproof result, then dial 732-567-6775 to get in touch with our customer representative.

Wood floors usually last a lifetime, but eventually needs refinishing to bring back its original state. Heavy food traffic, furniture scratches, accidental dents and pet nail scratches can take a toil to its quality and aesthetic appeal. Wood floor refinishing can be a practical way to bring back the beauty of the planks without the costly downside.